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Phoenix Open software stack for interoperable engagement in Dataspaces

POSSIBLE is secure digitalisation made easy. POSSIBLE is freedom and independence. POSSIBLE is fairness and transparency. POSSIBLE is how Europeans enter the digital world of Gaia-X. POSSIBLE empowers everyone with a real choice to get the apps and services they want to advance their mission – at home, in SMEs, in education and public services. POSSIBLE ensures fair and equal

POSSIBLE is convenient. SMEs, public-service and education providers can choose from an extensive, seamless service catalogue and simply mix and match the ones they need, quickly adding and customising services or scaling up and down as they evolve.

POSSIBLE means independence. Users can combine and tap into the exact services they need and take advantage of all the benefits of sovereign data rooms within the Gaia-X ecosystem. This means they’ll retain full control of their own data thanks to persistent transparency, certified standards and a commitment to uncompromised quality.

POSSIBLE has no limits. The open source model guarantees flexibility while its modular build powers choice and independence. With open interfaces and standards it’s easy as pie to expand — even across Europe.

POSSIBLE creates trust. Users enjoy true ownership of their digital identities and data. They can manage sensitive documents and information just as easily as non-sensitive ones in the protected environment of a sovereign data room and engage with service providers and other users safe in the knowledge that every encounter is secure.

POSSIBLE unlocks value. Users can take full advantage of data services without giving up control of how their data is used, analysed and anonymised. This means sovereign access to e.g. AI and IoT applications that can be used to advance their mission.

POSSIBLE consortium partners: